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I'm not the one who messed up big time so spare me the details if you don't mind!

What is more fitting than to post to Yodelicious about VH1? I Love The 90s: 1994 last night... Ricola! Remember those stupid ads where the guy yells "Ricola" from the top of a hill and the other guy blows through his big-ass horn in a flat note? Ah, good times. And now the ads where the girl with stupid braids goes "uh-uh" without faltering her dumb fake smile to the guy who coughs and then he smiles with the cough drop and the TV bounces off his head that the girl threw at her ex-boyfriend out of the window and he just keeps walking. Why did she not just keep the TV? I would, instead of throwing it out the window. And why does just a cough merit a Ricola lozenge? What if you just swallowed some air and you choked? I dont' think lemon or fruit-tasting lozenge things are necessary. My mom always said cough drops aren't candy.

Today seems to be my day of ranting about the stupid parts of society, huh?

I spent 2.5 hours watching I Love The 90s yesterday. I love VH1. It's so funny and sarcastic.

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Yodelicious rocks! The Ricola commercials are cool, but they're just not as catching as the Mentos commercials...

Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness, fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life!
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